An Honest Norwex Review

I will preface by writing, I do not sell Norwex. I have been to a handful of parties, and hosted my own. When considering which products to purchase, I wanted more honest, no strings attached reviews and I couldn’t find many online that weren’t connected to someone who sold the product. So I’ll go through what I bought, how we use it, and if I would buy it again.

The most important product they want to sell you is the Envirocloth. After using it for 2 months now, I would 100% endorse this product. I use it daily to wipe kitchen and bath counters, tables, and appliances. I love that I do not need anything more than water. We were fairly consious about using chemicals before, so I don’t think this saves us hundreds of dollars a month that you might hear at the party or online, but it does save our family about $10 a month. At $17 a cloth, it pays for itself pretty quickly. I do not buy granite cleaner, all purpose cleaner, stovetop cleaner, and I use considerably less paper towels (a roll lasts me 3 weeks or so now). The cloth is warrantied for 2 years and most everyone I’ve talked to says you can double the life by taking care of it, so the savings will add up. And I love the impact of not using all those chemicals- healthier for the environment and my home air quality. The real test, however, was when my daughter spilled her grape juice on our very light carpet. The Envirocloth mopped it up completely and left no stain, with no carpet cleaner. So often going green means making some efficacy compromise, but ultimately I find the Envirocloth works better than it’s chemical counterparts.


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