Love Yourself Now

With two impressionable girls watching my every move, this was a resolution for me for 2016. Leading by example and loving the way I am now, and sending the message of self-acceptance regardless of perfection, is something I think my 10 year old especially needs to hear. Here’s how I’m doing it:

  • Jogging/Walking- This is helping me balance stress, allergies, and insomnia. It’s also giving me a little ‘me time’ to listen to audio books.
  • Making time for hobbies- I love being creative and would knit, paint, sew, garden, and read ALL the day if that was financially possible for our family. But alas, it is not, so squeezing in an hour of so a day and more on the weekends is the best I can do.
  • Giving up on my ‘skinny clothes’- We cleaned our closets recently and gave away so many bags of clothes. And honestly, if I ever lose the extra creep up weight, I’m sure I will want to celebrate by buying something more in-style than my favorite college jeans.
  • Acknowledging the present and trying to savor it- My girls are 6 and 10. I’m enjoying the creativity and confidence of 6, and intrigued and challenged by the little kid/big kid balance of friendships and emotion of 10.
  • Taking time for spiritual health- Memorizing scripture. Daily devotional time. Writing down my prayers. All of this keeps me grounded, reminds me I’m worth it, and refills me with hope when I’m not feeling so confident.
  • Giving back- Helping friends with watching kids, sending food and being sure to spread more ‘thank yous’ around. Helping at church with the kids. Volunteering with local food pantries. Basically trying to pass on some kindness and light.



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