An Honest Norwex Review

I do not sell Norwex. I have been to a handful of parties, and hosted my own. When considering which products to purchase, I wanted more honest, no strings attached reviews and I couldn’t find many online that weren’t connected to someone who sold the product. So I’ll go through what I bought, how we use it, and if I would buy it again.

When I had my party, the host special was a free Superior Mini Mop System. I had to be the final buyer at my party, so while it was not technically free, I spent around that amount buying other things I knew I would use, like another Envirocloth for our bathroom, the small Tile Pad to go with the mop system, a Rubber Brush to help clean the dry mop pad & Dust Mitt, and the big bag of UPP laundry detergent.

I had a $30 microfiber mop that you could remove and wash the pads. I used Bona to clean the floors, but we have darker wood floors and the floors always looked smudgy and dirty. And I used a dry Swiffer mop with dry cloths as a broom to pick up between washings. The Bona product was $20 a bottle, which we used every 4 months or so. The Swiffer cloths weren’t terribly expensive, maybe $5 a month. So after the initial investment for the mops, maybe $120 a year to keep this up.

The Norwex mini mop system is $94.99, and the additional tile mop pad is $24.99. Like the other Norwex cleaning cloths, you clean only with water, and very little of it. The dry pad picks up dog hair excellently, but it doesn’t pick up as well to get bigger pieces, so you still need a broom or vacuum. The kids track grass and mulch in from the backyard and I still use the vacuum to get most of that up. The tile mop pad works better than the standard wet pad, I would definitely recommend buying that extra, but maybe it’s just because my family is messier than most!

Overall I’m very pleased with the Norwex mop system. It works better than the system I was using before, reduces the amount of chemicals I use in our home, and pays for itself the first year. Because the mop uses so little water, the floors aren’t soaked, and they do not look greasy when you are finished. Sometimes I put a little lemon essential oil (I recommend Young Living) with some water in a spray bottle and spray a little before I use the wet mop to replicate the clean smell I used to get from Bona.


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