Today’s post was going to be about big batch meal planning. But despite my grocery shopping and planning, my oatmeal hasn’t been made, the produce for lunch salads hasn’t been cut, the fruit for the smoothies has been consumed, and no photos were taken of the monster pack of chicken that we marinated and grilled earlier this week.

Instead of waking early to exercise and eat the premade oatmeal and smoothies, I curled up on the couch with my puppy, coffee and a good book. And lunch breaks were filled with satisfying the fort building, complex crafting, and generally giving extra attention to the girls, who are bored on their first week of summer break.

But something great happened this week too, actually several somethings… I read this and shared it with a couple of friends. My mom rescued the kids from their boredom and entertained them for several hours. We enjoyed a couple of relaxed evenings being outside with friends playing four square and eating watermelon.

And now its almost the end of the week and our hearts and homes and bellies are full of good food and love and hope that maybe next week we will keep it together a little better as we adjust to our summer pace. But we also have the reassurance than we will expand to fit the  challenges that might wreck the best laid plans as well.


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