In the Garden

We’ve had little rain and lots of sunshine the past couple of weeks, and the weather went from cool 60’s to hot 80’s in a matter of days. I need to weed, but I’m waiting for a good rain to loosen everything up. If it doesn’t happen, I’m going to have to water it with the sprinkler.

Clockwise from top left: We have peas! They do not grow well on the teepee we built but I have enough for a small stir fry. The red onions are doing well; maybe one or two are ready now. This is my first time growing bulb onions and my husband loves them. The strawberries are spreading, but something is eating them as soon as they turn red. I need to create a cover for them. Radishes and Turnips have been pulled out and tomatoes are growing in that area now. I’m going to try to grow cucumbers vertically on the big rectangular trellis. We’ll see; so far it’s slow growing.

We created a trellis out of this old wire fence of my late grandfather’s. The moonflower and morning glories haven’t quite reached up, but I think it will be really pretty once it does.

The raspberries are growing well and we’ve had a couple of red ones. I have a feeling it will need a year or two before we have any real output from those plants. I am trying to train them on the wire trellis also.

The other raised bed has mostly beans and tomatoes. The beans are growing on the back teepees and the large rectangular trellis. The tomatoes on the front few teepees. There’s one squash plant over to the far left that’s doing well. I plan to plant some bush beans in the left area after I weed thoroughly this weekend.We will have some sunflowers growing on either side of the large rectangular trellis. We planted it on both raised beds, but they only came up on this side.

Happy Growing!



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