So there’s always a period each year where I can’t seem to concentrate on books. My attention wanders and I will begin and drop a half dozen books. It’s usually work, or some other distraction that makes me not want to dig in. Usually when that happens I go to magazines. But I can only read so much celebrity gossip and recipes before I realize it’s all just recycled material, and lose interest in that also. This year instead of going through that (expensive) loop, I decided to listen to podcasts. Free, interesting, easily set down, and bonus!… can do while knitting or jogging!

Here’s some old favorites:


Here’s the Thing (love the archives)

Planet Money

Serial (and Season 1 update)

Never Not Knitting

Here’s some new ones I’m trying out:

Bon Appetit Foodcast

This American Life

The Dave Ramsey

Coffee & Crumbs

Stories Podcast (for the kids, for shorter car rides)

Do you have any other suggestions for me?


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