Garden Update

Fried is the garden theme this month… and not fried in the good way.

We received so little rain in the month of June that just about everything dried up. We are basically only getting some tomatoes now, amid the crabgrass. My family’s garden is doing better, and they are supplying us with a steady stream of berries, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, peppers and corn. And I continue to return to the farmer’s market for beans and honey.

Last weekend, I weeded and planted the pumpkins where the peas were in the spring. And I set up the sprinkler so that I could water it all easily in case Mother Nature has other plans.

Our morning glories are green and prolific, but no blooms so far. Maybe they will only bloom in the second year? The raspberries are also growing well. One of the “trees” didn’t transplant well, but the other 3 have spread out.

We discussed taking out the corner apple tree that has rust, and re-discussed planting a perennial bed in the corner. (Meaning I asked my husband to do it, and he told me it was too hot.) Maybe we can start a little in the fall on my plans with some bulbs and taking the apple tree out, and spreading some other flowers from a friend in the spring? That was the middle of the road plan we’re walking down now.

What are your favorite low maintenance (high sun) perennials? I’m thinking coneflower with some tiger lilies.


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