A Toxic Relationship

I’ve written several posts about trying to eliminate chemicals from my house and using Norwex products along with my Young Living Essential Oils. Cleaning products are the easiest to replace, because with regular cleaning you don’t get the kind of built up dirt that requires those industrial strength chemicals, basically a little elbow grease goes along way. But laundry, well we all get a little particular about our laundry, the way “clean” smells to us, and how we care for our clothing. I honestly never thought about what was in a regular dryer sheet until I went to the Norwex party. The consultants shared that dryer sheets contain some of the most toxic chemicals in your home, especially because the chemicals are heated as it dries your clothes. Just look at the list of ingredients that go into creating only the fragrance! And it is so highly flammable, yet we are still heating it up. We decided to try to break up with dryer sheets permanently, but it wasn’t easy.

I started using wool dryer balls a year or so ago when I started using Young Living’s Essential Oils. It was so easy to add the essential oils to the dryer balls to give the clothing a subtle fragrance (I prefer Gentle Baby). The downside was you had to watch the dryer carefully because too much static was created if you over-dried the load of clothes. The static was especially bad for performance/wicking fabrics, like my husband’s undershirts and our entire family’s athletic clothing. It got to the point that I would hang wet or hang damp most everything. Or my husband would add a dryer sheet and tumble the clothes again to get rid of the static.

The consultant recommended the Norwex plastic dryer balls over the wool ones because she thought they did better with static, so I ordered some to experiment with. If you just put them in the dryer with a load of clothes, the static was not improved. But the trick for the plastic ones was to add water to the balls which adds some moisture in the load, and in turn prevents static. It’s easy to add water just squeezing them under the faucet, but I like to add essential oils, so I have to use a syringe if I want to add water that I’ve mixed with oils. It’s a little more time-consuming than the wool dryer balls, and especially throwing in a dryer sheet. You still have to watch the dryer to make sure the clothes aren’t getting over-dried.

Overall, drying smaller loads and hanging damp is the best way to prevent static. I do prefer the plastic ones over wool, but I would personally use either over regular dryer sheets after reading more about them.

Have you experimented with breaking up with dryer sheets?


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