Currently Reading

June reading was great quality, but less quantity. I’ve been listening to more podcasts than books, but the ones I read were completely worth the effort.

Fire with Fire, Jenny Han. I really liked this one, so much that I also reserved Burn for Burn and Ashes to Ashes from the library also. However I haven’t read either of them yet and might not. I wasn’t impressed with her other sequels, so I might just leave it alone. The longer they sit on my bedside table, the more doubtful I get about reading them. I think I might return them and read Shug instead.

Wheat Belly, William Davis MD. This sounds extreme but I listened to this on audio, then immediately eliminated wheat from my diet. It’s not been easy, but it’s easier than you think. And I feel better… really better! But read it for yourself and decide. He has a unique way of making doctor-speak easier to understand. I doubt I will get my family completely on board, but overall the entire family is eating less wheat.

Criss Cross, Lynne Rae Perkins. I love screening books that my 10 year old might read, and this one was a good one. I will recommend it to her on our next library trip.

Fish in a Tree, Lynda Mullaly Hunt. It was a little cheesy at times, but a fantastic look into what it would be like to be dyslexic and misunderstood. Another one for my 10 year old, for we can all use a walk around in someone else’s shoes from time to time.

The Boston Girl, Anita Diamant. I enjoyed this one and wrote about it earlier in June. It’s a good solid story and I loved the narrator. Isn’t it funny how the narrator can often make or break an audio book?

Have you read anything great lately?



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