On the Needles

A Baby Blanket for a special boy with a wonder woman for a mother. Because she is currently battling breast cancer, this little guy arrived very early. I also knit a little preemie cap for him to keep him warm and cozy in the NICU. His blanket will be ready when he is ready to go home. Every stitch I knit, I pray for healing and comfort for her and protection for that little miracle.

A Scarf for myself with some gorgeously soft Malabrigo worsted. My grandmother and I made a sampler square blanket out of this yarn together, and we had a few skeins leftover. Mostly I made hats with the leftovers, but I saved this red and orange because I loved them so much. I originally started with a light pink for the third color, but the third color is so light and used so sparingly that it really looked out of place. So I ripped back and I am just alternating the red & orange now.

Just thinking of fall and Christmas and all the gifts I want to knit gets me a little unfocused, so I’m trying to wrap these two projects up as quick as possible. I’m thinking more projects from this and this might be on the needles very soon.


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