Puppy Power

Tanner is our rescue wonder-dog. He’s a high energy, dachshund/terrier mix and having him as a part of our family has truly changed our lives. He rescued one of my daughters from a really strong fear of animals, and was a best friend to both of my girls when we moved and they thought they would never have friends again.

He’s also one of my most loyal oily users, mostly because he’s always game for a good massage. When he’s anxious (fireworks, car rides, boat rides, grooming visits, vet visits), I rub him down with lavender. When he’s stinky, it’s a rub with some purification. He’s a small 11 lb dog, so I just put 4 drops or so in my hands, rub together and rub him around his ears, neck, and belly. I don’t bathe him often because his skin dries out so fast and the dander seems to increase. The oils help keep the dander (and the doggie smells) from overpowering us.

On hot summer days, I freeze some treats in water mixed with peppermint oil because peppermint helps him cool down fast (doesn’t hurt dog breath either). His bedding gets sprayed every few days (along with ours) with a linen/room spray I make periodically with either gentle baby, peace & calming or lavender. It’s 30 drops of oils in a small glass spray bottle, filled 1/4 of the way with alcohol and water to the top.

Young Living has an entire line of products for pets.  The new dental treats will definitely be on my Essential Rewards order soon. Check out Young Living’s site to find out more about becoming a member and discovering the life-changing benefits of using essential oils for yourself, your family, and your pets.

Young Living products are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease or condition.


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