Back to School Blues

School is back in session very soon around here, the heat is on literally and figuratively! We are headed to Target with the class supply lists and armed with a clothing list too. But here’s how I try to keep our shopping visit a little more wallet-friendly…
First and foremost, it is July in Tennessee, so it is crazy bananas hot. We do not need jeans, boots, coats or really anything remotely long-sleeved, but we do need some clothes that are not popcicle and grass stained while also being playground friendly. So the options are the closeout summer stuff that they will wear for a month or so and grow out of by next summer, or fall clothes that are too hot to wear, might not be so perfect after they are influenced by their friends when school starts, and would be better priced if we waited a month or so.
My strategy to combat the clothes chaos is to make the kids pick out 10 “wear now” outfits. If we are missing a couple of items, we will buy a little summer closeout. Or splurge on a new pair of shoes that will take them through fall. Then we dig out last season’s fall/winter clothes and do something similar in late September when we can entertain some cooler mornings and evenings.
Both times I have the girls give me a fashion show with their 10 outfits, and I take and print photos so they can pin to their bulletin boards. They love the project and never complain about the attention, and I don’t waste too much money on clothes they don’t need or want to wear. Win-win!
What is the back to school strategy at your house?

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