Lazy Days

Back in June, I resolved to become a better runner and applied myself wholeheartedly to RunsforCookies’s “your best 5K” training plan. I even used her summer running checklist as motivation to get creative so the challenge wasn’t so tedious.

But by the second week of July, I was officially a quitter. It was just toooo hot! Most of July was spent indoors in air-conditioning or marinating in a pool.

So for August, because it’s still hot and especially humid, I’m going to give myself 3 chances to get in my daily exercise:

  • Lay out exercise clothes the night before and set my alarm for a 5:30am run/walk around the neighborhood.
  • Get the girls involved in some evening yoga (we like this video).
  • Take the dog for a long walk after the kids have gone to bed.

Perhaps if I can get through another 6 weeks of summer, I can resume my quest for my best 5K…

How do you fit in daily exercise when it’s so hot if feels impossible to move?



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