In the Kitchen

We have two new cooks in our kitchen these days and we are loving the results!

I decided to give each of my girls one night a week to plan, prepare and serve a meal, with me or their dad as their sous chef. They have to make a protein and a vegetable. And they have to give a “thank you” taste to  whatever is made for them.

I was hoping to pass on some kitchen skills, especially as my oldest seems more and more interested in experimenting, and I want her to be safe. But also to develop some empathy for what I do each week. And of course the one on one time with them is awesome too!

Sarah mostly likes to try new recipes, while Anna goes for breakfast for dinner or some of her other favorite foods (aka fruit, cereal, and cool whip). Overall, they are both trying new foods and thinking about how much time it takes to plan and prepare healthy food for our family.  We are having so much fun bonding and building up their confidence in the kitchen!


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