Back to School Essential Oils

School routines have begun around here, and essential oils are as essential to our day as healthy food, exercise and sleep.

I begin most days by diffusing Awaken in my room. It is light and citrusy with floral notes. I preload the diffuser at night so I can turn it on when the alarm goes off and inhale for a few minutes before my feet hit the ground. It also keeps things peaceful as our family gets moving in the morning, as my room & bathroom is the central location for getting dressed and ready. I am sure they will want more privacy as they get older, but right now it’s easier to keep them on task if we are all getting ready together.

After school, I diffuse Stress Away or Peace & Calming II in the living room. The girls need a brain break when they come home to grab a snack and relax before homework time begins. Thankfully the teachers have given me the impression that they value more play and less homework at night. So long as the kids can finish the assignment in class, there will not be much homework to do in the evening.

As we tidy up at night, I spray Thieves or Purification on the bottoms of the backpacks, gym & dance bags, shoes, door handles. You can get Thieves in a spray, or you can make your own (recipe to follow). I find that these blends are a perfect natural alternative to Lysol and Febreeze for keeping the germs out and our home smelling fresh.

At bedtime, we rub Lavender on our feet and massage on our scalp behind our ears to help reduce anxiety and help us sleep well. If I’m still having trouble relaxing, I will mist Surrender on my pillow also.

Essential Oil Room/Linen Spray: In a glass or aluminum bottle, add 15-20 drops oils and 1 tbsp witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. Fill to the top with distilled water and shake before spraying.

To learn more about how Young Living’s oils are made and how you can start buying them, visit their website.

Young Living products are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease or condition.


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