A Sewing Project

Sometimes the weather just gets too warm to hold wool, and I stray from knitting. My mother-in-law reintroduced me to my sewing machine when we made curtains for my first home over a decade ago. Sometimes I feel more confident than other times and I decide I can sew my own clothing. (It will fit better! I can buy the patterns/ fabric that inspire me! It will save money!) I’m sure all these things may be true for someone with more skill than I, but sewing straight lines well does not make for a custom garment education.

This brings me to the part of the story where my overconfident self lands in the craft section of my library. I spy The Magic Pattern Book: Sew 6 Patterns in 36 Different Styles.

I decided on the Alice top with some black linen that I had from another one of those fleeting feelings. (You don’t need a pattern! You are creative!) Last time, after a Project Runway marathon, I came to my senses before I found the scissors. You download the pattern, print, and follow the 10 or so steps to a drapey sharkbite-hem tunic. I have to say- The book is well written, with easy to follow directions especially on cutting the fabric, and gives inspiration on how to customize and make it your own. There are only a few leaps in the instructions, less than many of the “beginner” patterns I have tried before. If you were the type to endeavor to make your own wardrobe, I would recommend this book. Because many times these adventures are fleeting for me, I am happy this resource is something I can loan at the library.magic pattern tunic

I like the end result. (Only moderately too big with minimal errors.) This feeling has finally passed and I have a decent top to show for it. Now, maybe some quilts? Here’s my inspiration:birdy inspiration


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