In The Garden: What Went Wrong

This year’s home garden was a learning experience for me. With two raised beds and a handful of containers, we didn’t harvest very much at all this year, and especially during June and July when the weather was its most brutal.

garden 8.31

Top reasons it went wrong:

  • Too much variety. A handful of beans or peas isn’t worth the effort.
  • Not enough weed control.
  • Not enough water. Planting too close combined with no rain and few sprinkler sessions meant very little growth.
  • Growing lavender or rosemary from seed was too hard. The small seedlings always died after transplant.
  • Bunnies (and possibly my dog) ate my berries and nibbled on my tomatoes.
  • Cucumbers didn’t vine up the trellis. I think they were planted too far from the trellis.
  • Teepees failed. My wooden teepees were too big for the peas to vine. And as you can see in the photo above, my bamboo teepees were too weak to properly hold my tomatoes and withstand summer storms.

Hopefully we can learn a better way and overcome these obstacles next year.


2 thoughts on “In The Garden: What Went Wrong

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