Taco Tuesday, anyone?

Like many families with young kids, we tend to get stuck in food ruts and make the same meals. Mostly because routine keeps us sane, but the downside is that we are soooo bored by what’s on the table each night.

It’s not revolutionary, but here’s what we are doing to combat the boredom but also stay in a familiar routine.

Sunday – Soup

(vegetable, potato soup, chili, chicken tortilla)

Monday – Leftovers

(weekend cooking plus grilled sandwich)

Tuesday – Tex-Mex

(tacos, fajitas, nachos, quesadillas)

Wednesday – Out

(this is our busiest activity night, so we plan to grab food on the run)

Thursday – Breakfast

(hash, steak & eggs, quiche & salad, pancakes & bacon)

Friday – Fish

(tilapia, grilled spicy shrimp, crabcakes, scampi)

Saturday – Slow Cooker

(meatballs, bbq pork, roast beef, cream cheese chicken)

Pasta night is always easy and popular, but I am trying to cut out wheat. There are many good gluten free options for bread and flour, but I haven’t found a pasta alternative that I love. We also always have some kind of fruit & vegetable side. And the backup plan is always pb&j if the kids opt out of what’s on the menu.

So there you go, a month’s worth of meals… you are welcome!


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