Five Things

  1. Exercise or knit to this: More Than A Song podcast by Michelle Nezat. I subscribed in Itunes. Inspired by christian music, she dives into the Bible using some of the same strategies as Keith Ferrin in How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible.
  2. Working on growing my hair out and loving Young Living’s Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo and Amika Nourishing Hair Mask. My hair feels thicker and the hair mask softens the dry ends.
  3. October Goal: Be Tidy. It’s so much easier to do a 10 minute cleanup when everything is put away. We are doing great with the downstairs but the girls’ rooms are still a nightmare. Top of the to do list is also to go through winter coats also & make a donation run.
  4. A “Core Closet”. With excellent guidance from this famous blogger, I’m trying to weed out my closet. I agree with her that I will never be a minimalist or have a capsule closet, but this process definitely helps identify what you wear most often so you know where your clothing dollars should go.
  5. Eat more seasonally, especially as I try to eat more gluten-free and move away from the rice and potato starch gluten-free products. Ticking off items on this list is a great way to try new veggies this fall. She has great recipes and her photos are really lovely as well.

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