Principles of Prepping

I love love love this time of year. The fall air is so welcoming, right?? I want to knit everything, cook everything, and of course be outside all at the same time. Seems right that this time of year is more scattered and less productive, especially when want to cook but not stay in the kitchen. I read this article and it has bolstered my effort to finish my own weekly menus that are heavier on nutrition than I’ve done in the past, but still picky-kid friendly. I’m working on 4 weeks that include a menu, grocery list, and prep strategy and I will add them to the site when I’ve finished. These are the principles of my prep strategy, if you want a jumping point to develop your own:

  • Has to be something that our family will eat. Seems simple, but try to go easy on the “new” ingredients, or swap them out with something more familiar, more seasonal, and more easy to find.
  • Cut up vegetables when you get home from the grocery store. The bag of green beans that needs washed and trimmed will not look as appealing as the bag you can bring out and quickly blanch and dress.
  • Use it twice. Cook twice as much meat so you can utilize leftovers. If you have the oven on baking bread, roast your vegetables at the same time. A big rotisserie chicken can also be a time saver in a pinch.
  • Soups are our friends. Like comfy Ugg slippers, it feels so good to slip into the warm comfort of soup after a long workday. Bonus that soups can be the best way to eat a rainbow of vegetables that have lost their luster.
  • Get a good slow cooker and use it. It isn’t sophisticated, and the smell of food roasting all day is usually only welcome before you eat the meal, but it will be worth it- I promise.

Stay tuned, and let’s take the stress out of feeding our families nutritiously and quickly.


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