I Spy with My Little Eyes…

We love a good day trip and are gearing up for a hike in the mountains this weekend. Perhaps it’s because our family is spread out over East Tennessee and just about every holiday has us on the road to visit someone, we have developed a great road trip toy bag. One that allows for some quiet time for the adults, but enough activities to keep the kids busy on the road and at quick stops along the way. It fits in one small bag, and I just bet you have all of this at your house too:


  • Interesting Book- My sister gave this National Park pop-up to my daughter and it is well loved.  So much to take in on each page.
  • Silly Putty or Playdoh- I prefer Silly Putty because it won’t dry out, but Playdoh works well too.
  • Graph Paper and Colored Pencils– Great to draw pictures of each other, what they see out the window, create patterns, keep track of license plates, hangman etc. (Markers tend to not get capped & crayons melt in hot cars. Learn from my mistakes.)
  • Cards– We go pretty basic, like playing cards or UNO. (UNO is particularly great because if you lose a card or two, no one is the wiser.) Great for restaurants while we are waiting for food, or if you get stuck in traffic.
  • I-Spy book or Magazine- I flip through and make a list of 10 things in their Ladybug magazine, then let them search. Here’s another great magazine for this.
  • Book to Read Aloud (or get an audio book for the car) Magic Tree House books are long enough to pass time, but short enough to finish on a normal trip for us. The Ramona series, Laura Ingalls Wilder or books by Kate DiCamillo are great for longer trips.

If all else fails, you can play I-spy get out some electronics, but this list might have them using their brains for a couple of hours first.


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