Beginning a New Quilt

My great grandmother was an excellent hand-quilter, and I have three of her queen size creations that I count among my greatest treasures. Before I discovered knitting, I tried out several hand crafts, quilting among them, beginning with a (queen-size!) t-shirt quilt out of my college t-shirts. I loved designing and piecing it together, but it languished in a box for several years before I admitted that it wasn’t likely for me to ever hand quilt it into a usable blanket.

I found a local lady that finished it for me, machine quilting it and binding it. I made some mistakes combining fabrics of different weights, and my seaming wasn’t that desirable either, so I know it won’t wear as well over time. I love the result nonetheless and believe it is a great first effort. And now that I have her as a resource, I’d love to create more and improve my technique.

My latest creation will be a pinwheel (or windmill?) design, from a charm square bundle and white fabric. I’ve designed the layout and cut the white supporting squares. I am creating the pinwheel squares by sewing the right sides together and cutting in half to create two spokes of the wheel.


Let me know if you have any beginner tips. What are you creating right now?


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