October Reading

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone – I think I am perhaps the last person on earth to read the series. My daughter expressed interest so I read it first just to make sure it’s not too dark. It’s great, really a quick read, and perfectly interesting enough to keep her attention (she has a problem finishing books). Is it revolutionary? Like theme-park worthy? I don’t know. My sister is bringing me the next couple of books in the series when she visits in a couple of weeks, so maybe after I’ve read the entire series I will want to pledge allegiance to Harry? We’ll see. (library ebook)

How to Build a Woman, Caitlin Moran- I think I’ve overdosed on Caitlin Moran, because I had to quit this one halfway through. I have a feeling it would have been great if I’d spaced her books out a few months or a year. I must have a vulgar threshold. And now when my youngest reads aloud how Little Critter brushes his fur, my mind goes straight to the gutter. (library audio)

A Spool of Blue Thread, Anne Tyler – This was a story of several generations of this family, and how they are shaped especially by ambition and charity. I love reading books like this, where you get so many perspectives on the same situation. Helps me to think outside of myself, and consider others’ motivations and experience. (library ebook)

Lilac Girls, Martha Hall Kelly – Heart-breaking and lovely and exciting, and well researched. The story describes a war and concentration camp experience that was gruesome at best, but her book reveals the humanity in such a beautiful way. A story about family and forgiveness, and triumph. (library copy)

With Malice, Eileen Cook – If you are a fan of We Were Liars or I Was Here, you might like this. Maybe not as great as those, but a fun read. (amazon kindle)

The Forgotten Garden, Kate Morton – I am a big fan of Kate Morton, and this book was just as great as the others. Slow to start, however once you are in it, it twists and turns from breaking your heart to buoy your spirit. (library copy)

Summer and the City, Candace Bushnell- It’s not often you get to write that the second book in the series is better than the first, but I truly liked this one better than the first Carrie Diaries. This isn’t one to think too much about, because the teen & 20 year old Carrie in my imagination was much more interesting. And I felt the dialogue was stretched (keep in mind this is a 17 year old Carrie), but the story was much more entertaining than the first, and fun to read. (library copy)

What about you- read anything worth recommending?




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