Fall Meal Planning Menu 1

A few weeks ago, I put together 3 fall menus, complete with grocery list and prep schedule. We were starting a bad pattern of eating out, and ditching our home meal plans because the prep would take too long for the time we had available or well, laziness.

These menus make it easier for me to grocery shop in an hour, stay on budget, do a little everyday, and use what’s in the fridge to make economical and healthy dinners. Our only “official” breakfast is on Sunday mornings. The other days we usually grab cereal, oatmeal or make some quick eggs before we dash out the door. Lunches are usually salads and sandwiches, sometimes soup made with leftovers if we need to use more of what’s in the fridge. We usually plan to eat out or pack a peanut butter sandwich on Wednesdays because that’s the day we have the most extracurricular activities.

Menu 1:

Sunday Breakfast: Sausage & Pancakes

Sunday Dinner: Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Green Beans

Monday Dinner: Ground Beef Tacos

Tuesday Dinner: Slow Cooker BBQ Pork, Slaw, Corn on the Cob

Wednesday Dinner: Eat Out

Thursday Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese with Green Salad

Friday Dinner: Carnitas

Saturday Dinner: Sausage Potato Soup

“The Plan”

  • Saturday: Grocery Shop, Prep Cabbage/Onions/Romaine, Make Rice
  • Sunday AM: Pat Sausage into patties & freeze half before breakfast, make breakfast
  • Sunday PM: Roast Chicken & Green Beans at same time, Boil Potatoes & quick mash with butter, sour cream and garlic salt
  • Monday PM: Cook all ground beef, put half in fridge before adding taco mix; Assemble taco bar with tortilla chips, soft tortillas, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream.
  • Tuesday AM: Salt and pepper the roast and start in slow cooker with some water, a splash of apple cider vinegar, and a sprinkle of brown sugar.
  • Tuesday PM: Boil corn on cob, assemble quick slaw with most of previously shredded cabbage and mayo. Shred pork with two forks, serve with BBQ sauce. Save extra pork for Friday.
  • Wednesday: Out
  • Thursday PM: Heat your favorite jar of pasta sauce with leftover ground beef while noodles cook. Mix a quick dressing and dress quick salad of romaine and tomatoes. (I mix olive oil, dijon, mayo, and vinegar for my quick dressing.)
  • Friday PM: Reheat pork. Serve on soft tortillas with shredded cabbage and cheese with a little BBQ dipping sauce.
  • Saturday: Start grocery trips for next week & prep. Make some potato soup with that sausage you stored in the freezer and have a cozy movie night!

Grocery List:

Meat: Pork Roast (Bone-In gives more flavor), Chicken Breasts or Thighs (with skin gives more flavor), Ground Beef, Sausage

Produce: Cabbage, Potatoes, Green Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Onion, Corn on Cob, Romaine Lettuce

Center Aisles: Soft Tortillas, Taco Mix, Tortilla Chips, Pasta Sauce, Noodles, Pancake Mix, Maple Syrup, Brown Rice, Corn Starch, Olive Oil, Mayo, Dijon, BBQ Sauce

Dairy: Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream, Butter



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