A Special Visitor

Hello there! My name is Rudy the Christmas Elf, and I visit this family every Christmas season. This is a very busy week for them, so I wanted to guest post with some of the gift-giving that I am seeing and hearing around their house.



Looks like Stephanie finished the map that she is going to give her dad for their lake house. A thoughtful gift does always make a good gift. Especially a thoughtful gift that answers the location question that her dad gets from every new visitor at the lake.



These are Stephanie’s favorite indulgence. And if you are in Knoxville, stop by the French Market to grab some real ones. But decorating the tree with these is sugary perfection.



Stephanie loves stoneware and these beautiful tumblers are perfect for some evening hot chocolate. Or wine. But I prefer the chocolate.



I saw Stephanie reading this one early this morning. I am pretty sure she would knit this for herself if she ever found the focus (and the yarn!) to complete so large a project.


Stephanie listened to this podcast this week while she made cookies for her cookie exchange with her friends. It was hard to take my mind off those cookies she was baking, but… Emmanuel, fully God and fully human. It’s mind-blowing.

Sweet wishes for a Merry Christmas,





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