November Reading

Hey All! Sorry for coming to you late today.

I was finishing the 5th Harry Potter this morning before work instead of blogging, which gets me to my point. Harry is just about all I had time for last month.

I know, to say the least, I was enthralled. I would like to think that I read more, but honestly I can’t remember any other books. I started The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel on audio but didn’t like the audio version. I think I will love this book, so I will just wait for the library copy to become available.

But back to Harry Potter…. Book 2 was unique, Book 3 was breathtaking, and book 4 was dark and intimate… but guys- Book 5. Speechless.

I’ve never read a book series that makes me excited to actually see the movie, but that is most definitely the case for this series. It is so wonderfully detailed and unique and well-written that I am excited to see this magic brought to life onscreen*. Most of the time, I am arrogant enough to say that my imagination will suffice, but I am absolutely sure that my imagination will not do Harry justice.

*But I want to finish the books first- I’m kind of a nerd like that. And I still wouldn’t choose Harry-Potter-Land over Disney, but never say never.

Merry December Reading to You!


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