My Norwex Reorder

It’s been over a year since I ordered the majority of my Norwex products and overall, I’m probably about 80% satisfied. I’ve written a few posts about it (here, here & here). I do not sell it and bought everything because I was genuinely interested in the products and liked the company’s philosophy.

Just this past week, I’ve reordered the laundry detergent, Ultra PowerPlus (UPP), and the travel pack of 4 small Envirocloths.

The UPP laundry detergent works great (especially when I dilute it) and lasted me more than a year. Since I ran out I’ve been purchasing All free & clear. The All F&C cleans as well, but doesn’t work as well on stains as UPP did. My husband is too intimidated to use UPP, so I’ll probably always have a little All F&C on hand for when he does laundry.

I’m buying a set of new cloths because I’ve been primarily using one large gray cloth in my kitchen for the past 18 months and I can’t get the mildew smell out of it. I should have deep cleaned it every few months. I plan to deep clean the new ones (by boiling them) as well as rotate them out and launder more.  I basically wipe down the counters, table and appliances twice a day, and with 4 small cloths, I can rotate a new one every other day and wash them weekly. The other cloth was so big it wasn’t getting completely dry, so I think the travel size will be perfect for how I use them.

The rubber brush, dust mitt, dryer balls, bathroom Envirocloths and window cloths I would highly recommend, and in great shape, as are the mop and mop cloths. I also love the Blue Diamond cleaner, Odor Eliminator, and Mattress Spray, and they are likely to last another year. I don’t use very much of it when I clean, so they are all great values as well as wonderful products.

I’m lukewarm on the kitchen towels, wash cloths, and makeup remover cloths. I just didn’t see that they were all that much better than what I was using, and making sure they don’t make it in the general laundry so they could get washed on hot is difficult for our family. We only wash towels on hot, and you aren’t supposed to mix the cloths with regular towels. So I will use what I have, but I’m not likely to replace everything anytime soon, especially with something more high maintenance.

Have you used Norwex? What did you think?


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