10 Thoughts on the end of Elementary School

At the middle school meet and greet, just about everyone who spoke said the words “Don’t worry, you’ll make it through this.” Worried, check.

Worried about exposure. Is my baby ready for middle school in the smartphone/ social media age? Am I?

Worried about discipline. Am I ready to hand over the reins and let the relationship be mostly teacher/student? For this will require discipline for myself as well.

And while the weight of middle school is threatening, we have the joy that is SUMMER VACATION already upon us. (pool! beach! sleep! relaxed art projects! no reading log!)

She brought me a list of chores she thinks she can do to earn some extra spending cash this summer. (She thinks cleaning a bathroom is worth $10. We’ll see.)

She sleeps past 8 o’clock most days now, craves it, and getting those extra hours was a joy that I remember as well.

Think of what I can do with those extra 2 hours between gym time and work time when I don’t have to be waking, feeding, and ushering to school!

The 5th Grade Walk. The teachers line the halls and cheer as the 5th graders parade out to the parking lot on the last walk out of the school. Tears, thankfulness, relief that my youngest has a few more years at that school.

This is the last year my girls will be at the same school. Logistics nightmare will be our reality this fall.

Need to live in the moment. Have I bought enough sunscreen?






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