Finding My Summer Groove

These first few weeks of summer have been chaotic for us as we try to create some structure in the day for the kids, because my husband and I both work full time.


We have challenged the girls to take more responsibility keeping the house tidy (and their rooms especially). Each week I post an “I’m bored” list of ideas for them to be creative as well as some chores I would like them to do. We have tried an allowance in the past and were not successful, so the reward for the responsibility is experiences. We go out for ice cream, get pedicures, go to a movie, etc if we are all working together well and keeping the house clean.

I don’t like cleaning with harsh chemicals because I don’t enjoy the smell, and I especially don’t like the kids being exposed to them because they want to help our family. Each week I mix some of Young Living’s Thieves Cleaner in a spray bottle and it makes it easy for the kids to spray down the kitchen or bathroom.


It is also easier to keep the house clean when I get rid of clutter, and I tried to overhaul our house last month. I was not 100% successful following my list. I went down a rabbit hole reading The Curated Closet and got off track in my own closet, AND it took a full week to finish cleaning out the garage. So while I got rid of the quantity I wanted to meet the challenge, there are several areas that continue to need work. It feels good when you finish a room! (At least that’s what I’m telling myself.)

How is your summer going?


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