Every year, I try to set goals for myself. While they almost always include losing 15 pounds and eating more vegetables, I try to include something creative that pushes me.

Last year was no picnic, but it was made easier because I had a plan. Our family stuck to a budget and accomplished some important financial goals. I ran a half marathon without injury. And I strongly believe I was a more patient wife and mother.
This is what I am pushing myself toward in 2018:

More knitting. Stretch myself and knit something impressive, and find the inspiration to design something unique. I know this sounds vague but I don’t want to put too many limits on this one just yet.

More reading. Putting a number out there makes it sound like I am going for quantity over quality, so I want to stay away from that. But I read 72 books in 2017, and many were magnificent. I would like to read more magnificent stories, and you need to listen to many voices to do that.

Tackle some home projects. The interior needs to be painted, and the patio and backyard needs a makeover. Veggies seem to always fail me, so this year will have a flower focus.

Cook with the kids more. We stopped our kid night cooking because of our busy schedule last year and I want to restart this. I don’t think it is realistic for me to do this every week with each girl, but I think we can do it once a month. (And if it broadens our horizon with new food choices, it would be welcomed with open arms. Mac and cheese, I’m talking to you!)

With everything, I want to fit within the frame of family-first. Whether it is here for the blog, at work, or for play, I want to make sure my decisions are building up my relationship with my husband and girls.

Staying real and sharing the success and failure is what connects us together. What are you planning for 2018?


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