On (& Off) the Needles

This month, I have many projects on the needles and very little finished.

I have only one stripe of the baby blanket finished for my new nephew AJ. I scrapped the log cabin idea and went with this chevron stripe. He was born a few weeks ago, in Utah, so he might have a week or two of cold weather left by the time I finish to enjoy this blanket. From what I hear, he’s a patient little fellow. Since he hasn’t heard yet how terrible of a finished knitter I am, there’s no need to dash his hopes just yet. Worst case scenario he can use it as a scarf next winter, haha.

My Campside is about 1/2 finished. This has been fun to knit as we watch several basketball and football games. The repeats are easy enough that I am lucky to complete several rows each night. However, my luck at picking teams is not so great. While the Vols are playing great basketball, just about every NFL team I love has lost. My husband wants me to cheer for the Patriots next.

I needed a quick project to help me feel like I accomplished something this month, so I decided to knit this Chunky Cabled Hat. I can never have too many hats, what with these freezing temps and the girls taking all the hats to school and leaving them in their lockers. ❤️



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