Reading Goals

Last year, the reading goal I shared was simply to read more than I did in 2017, and focus on quality over quantity. Truthfully, I wanted to hit 100.

In 2017, I read 72 books. Trying for 100 books was lofty, but in my mind doable.

Turns out, not doable at all. I read 77 in 2018. Increased- check! 100- notsomuch.

Quality over quantity- check. I will share my top 10 this week, and it was hard to narrow it down to 10.

I read diverse authors to increase my knowledge and stretch my mind, read for simple entertainment, and read many award-winning books. Overall, I think that goal was met.

So, 2019 goals?

  • Read more, of course. Hoping to improve the 77 number, maybe get closer to 100!
  • More quality over quantity. Women authors, new authors, new perspectives, old classics are all on the list.
  • Read for Entertainment. Reading what you love is the easiest way to read more. Cookbooks, love stories, happy endings are my jam.
  • Try a book club. I’ve joined Janssen’s Everyday Reading 2019 Year of Reading Book Club. Some of her picks are ones I’ve wanted to read, some are new, so this is exciting!
  • Read for my girls. Our family rule is to ditch the phones and tablets and tv and read before bed, to wind down and sleep better. So I’m always looking for good young adult and middle grade fiction to recommend to my girls. (Currently, my 12 year old is working her way through Wednesday Wars, and my 8 year old is loving the Boxcar Children series.)

What are your 2019 reading goals?



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