Birthday Revelations

  1. I might not be a “yes” parent, but I am a strong “maybe.” Being open and embracing new phases helps me see my children as individuals. Perfection is hard to relate to. I pick realistic role models and that’s also the kind of mother and friend I want to be.
  2. I love a good plan and a list of tasks. It soothes me to write it out, even if I lose or abandon it.
  3. Exercising feels good. When I trained for the half marathon, I got to a place where running quieted my mind. I am back to being out of breath, so I would like to get to that place again.
  4. Keeping a gratitude list is an awesome way to keep my mind focused on positivity. Sometimes it’s just in my head, sometimes in a journal, but always it gives me peace.
  5. I need a creative outlet. I love knitting, escaping in books, and sketching out plans on how to achieve different goals (and just permission to let my mind wander for an hour works just as well).

Another year, another list (it feels so good to write it out, try it!!!)


On the needles currently:

Entrechat Shrug


Finally Finished Campside

Hurray! Fireworks! High fives!

I have had this yarn in my stash for years. I bought this Classic Elite Magnolia yarn to make The Aspen Wrap and lost steam when my cables came out wonky. I was a newer knitter; tension was the issue. It languished in the half-finished pile until I realized what kind of treasure I was wasting.

Once the project was sufficiently frogged, I cast on for Campside. The yarn is both silky and cushy soft, and perfect to keep me warm while I work this spring and summer. I remember being disappointed that my lys didn’t have a shade of gray in this yarn, but this blue is really unique. It ranges from a light cobalt shade to a blue steel color in different light. Like the perfect denim jacket, I hope it will be versatile.

Now I get to knit something else! Something small that finishes fast!


Weekly Journal

Still chugging along on Campside. I am working the edging so the end is near. But with over 300 stitches per row, it’s not speedy enough for me. I might cheat and knit the swatch for my next project tonight. Slippery slope…

Longer, warmer days are making it possible to grill more. Looking forward to trying this marinade tonight for some easy chicken tacos.


Listening to Brian Southall’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as I try to get outside and exercise again. Not running, mostly walking and a little strength training. I need motivation, and a good audio book that feeds my inner hippie does the trick. (And humming Penny Lane all day is a nice side effect.)

What’s working for you this week?




Weekly Journal

High – Low… I have picked out my next knitting project and the yarn is ready: Entrechat by Lisa Chemery. But I lack half of the last chart for Campside, plus the edging. Feels endless, but I must resist the urge to quit.

High – Low… We planted more bulbs, lillies mostly. But it’s been way too cold to plant the shasta daisies and black-eyed susan seeds. C’mon 50’s, I need you to stay!

What has been your high and low this week? Grab some of that leftover Easter candy and chat with me!




The daffodils and forsythias are blooming and the trees are budding! Everything seems to be about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, so I’ll cross my fingers and hope there’s not a cold snap around the bend. I don’t want these pretty blooms to be frost-bit.

My Spring Momiform will include this lightweight pink jacket (to elevate my standard jeans & t-shirt) and this maxi skirt (dressed up with blouse and booties or down with t-shirt and converse). Finding out what I like to wear through The Curated Closet has been so helpful in making thoughtful choices to freshen up my wardrobe for Spring.


My spring wardrobe will not include my Campside after all, unfortunately. My Olympic knitting project is an Olympic failure. Back when the Olympics began, I told myself just 6 rows a day would have me blocking by the closing ceremony. But just like staying up past bedtime to see who wins the gold, I haven’t committed past the first few nights. This might be renamed my March Madness project…

How are things blooming for you?


On (& Off) the Needles

This month, I have many projects on the needles and very little finished.

I have only one stripe of the baby blanket finished for my new nephew AJ. I scrapped the log cabin idea and went with this chevron stripe. He was born a few weeks ago, in Utah, so he might have a week or two of cold weather left by the time I finish to enjoy this blanket. From what I hear, he’s a patient little fellow. Since he hasn’t heard yet how terrible of a finished knitter I am, there’s no need to dash his hopes just yet. Worst case scenario he can use it as a scarf next winter, haha.

My Campside is about 1/2 finished. This has been fun to knit as we watch several basketball and football games. The repeats are easy enough that I am lucky to complete several rows each night. However, my luck at picking teams is not so great. While the Vols are playing great basketball, just about every NFL team I love has lost. My husband wants me to cheer for the Patriots next.

I needed a quick project to help me feel like I accomplished something this month, so I decided to knit this Chunky Cabled Hat. I can never have too many hats, what with these freezing temps and the girls taking all the hats to school and leaving them in their lockers. ❤️


On the Needles

I would love to showcase a finished object, but can’t manage to stay focused long enough to complete anything! Here are 3 of the pieces I am currently working:

IMG_4377Cashmere Cowl

IMG_4378.JPGBrown Hat

IMG_4379.JPGLog Cabin Baby Blanket

Maybe if I renamed them something more creative, it would be more exciting to finish?