On the Needles

I would love to showcase a finished object, but can’t manage to stay focused long enough to complete anything! Here are 3 of the pieces I am currently working:

IMG_4377Cashmere Cowl

IMG_4378.JPGBrown Hat

IMG_4379.JPGLog Cabin Baby Blanket

Maybe if I renamed them something more creative, it would be more exciting to finish?




Using the Stash

With the minimalist challenge that I’m doing this May, my mind has been more focused on what I can get rid of versus what I need. I am a process knitter (that’s code for I start many projects and never finish). And I love to peruse Ravelry and my favorite knitting blogs like MDK, so it’s truly an active challenge to not want to order more yarn and start more new projects.

Yarn was scheduled for Day 9, and I knew that in order to donate 9 skeins of yarn (to my daughter’s classroom, btw) I would have to first get an overview of what I had, then make a list of possible projects I could make with what I had, and THEN decide what was truly worth destashing.

I frogged so many projects (Aspen, several scarves and shawls, a Tea Leaves Cardi, to name a few). It felt so great! And in the end, her classroom will receive a colorful bundle to play with at her end-of-year class party coming up.


Of course, with such a public destashing, the onlooker quotient was not factored in. I have now on the needles a purple feather & fan church shawl for my youngest daughter. (SO SQUISHY, MOM, CAN YOU KNIT SOMETHING FOR ME? I’m a sucker for that, you know.)



On The Needles: Start-itis with Shawls!

I have a little March Madness happening with my knitting right now!

Start-itis is going strong, with shawls, and with no sign of stopping…


Clockwise from top left:

And after that, maybe Meet Me in the Middle (yarn undecided). It’s a real problem 🙂

What’s on your needles?

An Imperfectly Perfect Scarf

I have cast on for so many knitting projects in the past couple of months. Some socks, some gloves, a scarf, but with all the holiday hustle I just couldn’t devote the time to reading a pattern or reading my stitches carefully.

I found these three colors in the sale bin and thought they looked nice and neutral together (I’m slightly wrong). I provisionally cast on with some big needles and knit the first skein of baby pink in moss stitch, when it ran out I added the black pepper one and went with garter, and when it ran out I started with the moss color. I wanted to continue the simple reversible stitch theme so I sketched out a simple knit/purl triangle pattern. It was January by then so I had a little more brain power to help the project. Unfortunately I had to center the repeats so it pulls in and curls a little imperfectly around the edges than the other colors. I used kitchener to pull it together to make it infinity. If I were the frogging type (which obviously I’m not), the moss color would have also looked great in moss stitch.

It’s unique, extra squishy soft and (most importantly) was generous therapy over the holidays.

Yarn: Cascade Yarns, Baby Alpaca Chunky in 601, 587, and 640.*

*This yarn is seriously soft and precious. It sheds a bit like alpaca tends to do, but I am forgiving of that flaw in both yarn and pets. I used US 10-1/2 needles, but would probably size down if I were knitting a more serious shawl or wrap again with this yarn.