Fast Friday: On the Needles

I finished a simple baby hat for my neighbor’s new son, Barrett. He is only a few weeks old, but the temperatures have cooled enough that he needs a good, light wooly hat. I was leaning toward a red pom but asked my friend at the last minute to confirm. I’m glad I did, because she requested blue.


I am finally to the point where I divide for sleeves and knit the body of my Effortless cardi. Slow progress is progress, right?



Effortless Prep

For Christmas last year, my mother gifted me enough Quince & Co Lark to make the Effortless Cardi, designed by Hannah Fettig. I chose the color Slate, which is a saturated gray/blue.

I swatched (and washed) and realized I need to go down a needle size. I am at 3.5 sts/inch with US 9, and the pattern calls for 4.75 sts/inch. (Yay for swatching! I rarely swatch, but I know it’s a waste of time and yarn to knit a sweater without a swatch.)


Trolling Ravelry, through others’ project notes who also used Lark, it appears many also had to size down to 8. Additionally, I think I will use 7 on the button bands to keep the ribbing a little more crisp. This yarn is generous and floppy while wet.


Off to wind and begin…

What are you working on right now?


Busy Bees, or Bunnies?

July has passed in a total blur. With camps, holidays at the lake, and family vacations, the month is ending and I have very little to show for it except for this cute baby hat and some fast fading tan lines.


The pattern is Bunny Tail by Susan B Anderson, from the book Itty-Bitty Hats. The yarn was Quince Chickadee. The little booties I just made up as I went, on a bored day without internet at the lake.

We hosted a baby shower for my cousin and her sweet girl and my other cousin that moved all the way across the world to Utah (well, anyway it feels like it’s all the way across the world) came and brought with her my newest cousin, sweet Abraham. Made my summer I tell you! (And no, his blanket is not finished. But as you can see, he has forgiveness in spades.)


Abraham and I were fast friends. I hope your summer has also been as peaceful and perfect as this little chunk of miracle.


We Did It!- Giant Wall Hanging!

My daughter and I finished her wall hanging!

She picked shades of blue and aqua from the bulky yarn section of Joanns, and it took about a hour or two last Saturday to pull it all together.

We used these instructions from A Beautiful Mess, and the most complicated part was the wire and hanging the piece. Altogether about $50, but we have a lot of yarn leftover, so we could have economized a bit better.

Happy Crafty Monday to you!


A Sweater for Sofia

My Entrechat sweater is finished. It barely took a minute for the newborn size!

Now I need to decide on the hat… Should I use my bunny button as inspiration and make Bunny Tail by Susan B Anderson in more Quince Chickadee pink?


With a few solid white gowns (my personal favorite baby pj), won’t this make a perfect baby gift?


Birthday Revelations

  1. I might not be a “yes” parent, but I am a strong “maybe.” Being open and embracing new phases helps me see my children as individuals. Perfection is hard to relate to. I pick realistic role models and that’s also the kind of mother and friend I want to be.
  2. I love a good plan and a list of tasks. It soothes me to write it out, even if I lose or abandon it.
  3. Exercising feels good. When I trained for the half marathon, I got to a place where running quieted my mind. I am back to being out of breath, so I would like to get to that place again.
  4. Keeping a gratitude list is an awesome way to keep my mind focused on positivity. Sometimes it’s just in my head, sometimes in a journal, but always it gives me peace.
  5. I need a creative outlet. I love knitting, escaping in books, and sketching out plans on how to achieve different goals (and just permission to let my mind wander for an hour works just as well).

Another year, another list (it feels so good to write it out, try it!!!)


On the needles currently:

Entrechat Shrug

Finally Finished Campside

Hurray! Fireworks! High fives!

I have had this yarn in my stash for years. I bought this Classic Elite Magnolia yarn to make The Aspen Wrap and lost steam when my cables came out wonky. I was a newer knitter; tension was the issue. It languished in the half-finished pile until I realized what kind of treasure I was wasting.

Once the project was sufficiently frogged, I cast on for Campside. The yarn is both silky and cushy soft, and perfect to keep me warm while I work this spring and summer. I remember being disappointed that my lys didn’t have a shade of gray in this yarn, but this blue is really unique. It ranges from a light cobalt shade to a blue steel color in different light. Like the perfect denim jacket, I hope it will be versatile.

Now I get to knit something else! Something small that finishes fast!