Quilting Update

I decided to reverse applique the door for the quilt!

I used a chalk pencil to define my stitch line, then pinned the door to the back (door right side to block wrong side). I used an embroidering stitch on my machine, then cut out the outline from the block. (photographed clockwise)


The doors will not be uniform in size or location, which I think will add charm to the Christmas village that I hope to create.



Quilt Progress

IMG_3895Houses have been cut, along with a coordinating door. The doors will not be uniform in size, and I will applique them on the house block. I am thinking of stitching them in place with either or these decorative machine stitches.


Slow progess, yet progress nonetheless…

I hope everyone is having a great week!

A Christmas Quilt

I’m excited to start another quilt. This time, I’m going to use blocks to design a winter village, hopefully giving a wintery-Christmas vibe.

Here’s the sketch:christmas quilt

I laid out the fabrics for the houses (reds, pinks & yellows), the trees (shades of green), and the background blues will fade from dark to light. I need to figure out how big I want this to be next, so I can make my square templates for cutting the fabric.

I would love to hear what you are making next! Send me a link to your project or find me on Instagram at singshoutpraisehome!

5 Good Fabric Sources

  1. Craft Stores like JoAnn’s, AC Moore, and Hobby Lobby. They have 40% off coupons on their email newsletters pretty regularly, so they are especially good to use on a larger or more expensive piece of fabric.
  2. Home Stores that sell department store seconds like Tuesday Morning, TJMaxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods. Look for sheets, table cloths, duvet covers and some shower curtains. Department stores like Macy’s and Belk might have good January “white sales” also. Think outside the box; a friend of mine made the most beautiful curtains with table cloths held by ring clips (no sewing!).
  3. Online craft stores like Ebay and Fabric.com are good also, but as with anything you buy online- read the description carefully and know your fabric fiber content. I haven’t been lucky enough to find coupons for these sites, but have run across some good upholstery fabric remnants and deals on notions.
  4. Etsy.com has good vintage and embroidered fabric. Know your fabric content and expect to pay a little more than normal thrift shops because the seller has done the digging for you. I’ve also run across some half finished quilt tops that are really beautiful. Etsy can be a rabbit hole for me, where I spend hours adding and emptying my cart, picking favorite shops and finding inspiration.
  5. Thrift stores and antique shops. You will have to dig for the good stuff, and then wash really carefully. I’m on the lookout for white men’s sweaters to repurpose as cozy pillow covers for my bonus room.


Finished Quilt Top

I finished the quilt top just in time to show my mother on Christmas Day. Then we can decide the backing and binding together before we send it off to our quilt lady that machine quilts it for us.

One thing that I have confirmed for myself in this process it the most important steps for sewing anything is to measure precisely, cut precisely, iron, pin and piece. Pressing the foot on the sewing machine is easiest when you prepare and plan.


I can’t wait to see the final result, but it was a fun process to put this together. I might make it a Christmas tradition.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Glittery Christmas

Everything needs more sparkle, right? Christmas crafting just isn’t fun at our house unless there’s glitter involved, and we enjoyed our fair share last week.

We decorated the house after Thanksgiving, with a “tree in every room” goal and truly enjoyed ourselves. My oldest folded and glittered pages from a songbook to resemble trees as well as glittered clothespins with felt wings to make angels. My youngest glittered some glass balls to hang in the entryway.

We decided to use these Norfolk Pine plants in the entryway and living room. They are a tropical evergreen and will make a lovely houseplant year-round [if I can keep them alive through the holiday season].

For the living room, I made a “Fa La La” garland out of felt and these little singing ladies to hang on the tree. We love Christmas music and our Christmas decor will hopefully inspire our guests to keep singing all through the season.

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!

Beginning a New Quilt

My great grandmother was an excellent hand-quilter, and I have three of her queen size creations that I count among my greatest treasures. Before I discovered knitting, I tried out several hand crafts, quilting among them, beginning with a (queen-size!) t-shirt quilt out of my college t-shirts. I loved designing and piecing it together, but it languished in a box for several years before I admitted that it wasn’t likely for me to ever hand quilt it into a usable blanket.

I found a local lady that finished it for me, machine quilting it and binding it. I made some mistakes combining fabrics of different weights, and my seaming wasn’t that desirable either, so I know it won’t wear as well over time. I love the result nonetheless and believe it is a great first effort. And now that I have her as a resource, I’d love to create more and improve my technique.

My latest creation will be a pinwheel (or windmill?) design, from a charm square bundle and white fabric. I’ve designed the layout and cut the white supporting squares. I am creating the pinwheel squares by sewing the right sides together and cutting in half to create two spokes of the wheel.


Let me know if you have any beginner tips. What are you creating right now?